A new Porduct are available Maple Wine. 
 VENERABLE is a plale wine meticulously prepared
with 100% pure maple syrupand a natural fermentation proceed.
SAVOR that light and refreshing taste obtained by the unique flavor
of maple syrup. this fine new borne

Our publicity Program

Thanks to our publicity program on the International maple site, you can advertise your products and services. The costs are very affordable and allow you to benefit from the large number of visitors to our site.

Here are a few of last years numbers :

  • 125 000 visitors
  • 650 000 pages consulted
  • 75% of the visitors are canadian
  • Many countries visit us: France, Belgian, Switzerland, United-Nations, Holland, Germany, Japan, Poland, Seychelles, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Austria, United States, etc.

Publicity banners

To allow you the benefit of all the potential customers of the "International maple site", we have provided publicity spaces. If you are a person, an organization, an enterprise in the maple field, these spaces are for you. Many different plans are available with a variety of periods and spaces. The designing of the banner, without animation, is included in the package and also a one-year inscription in the directory corresponding to your principal activity.

We offer advertisements with the following characteristics:
  • Exclusive - You are the only one to advertise on this page
  • Sharing - You share your visibility on a random rotation
  • Periodically - For a definite period of time
  • Upon appearance - You pay the number of times that you advertise
  • By click - You pay for the number of times you click

First page banners (Home page)
The best place to advertise and be seen by all the visitors to our site is without doubt the home page.

On each page of the site, on the top part you will find a banner of 410 x 59 pixels.

Mini-banner on the left
On each page of the site, at the top there is a banner of 125 x 166 pixels.

Directory (Producers, Manufacturers, Restaurateurs)

Three directories are also available for inscription of coordinates and/or Internet sites of restaurateurs, manufactures, and maple producers. We add your name, address, telephone number and a description. A reasonable annual fee will allow you to be available to the thousands of customers who visit our site. We offer value plans at a very advantageous price. Communicate with us for more information.

If our offer interests you?
Contact us! mailto: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
A price list and conditions are available.

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