A new Porduct are available Maple Wine. 
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The Quebec food laws for the classification of the maple products apply to the producers as well as the buyer-packers. This law garanties that the quality standards are respected by the producer as well as the distributor of the finished product.

Maple syrup categories


Grading of the maple syrup as to its color

  • Clear and an even color
  • Grade of color: Extra clear, clear or medium
  • Clear and an even color
  • Grade of color : Amber
  • Caracteristic maple taste
  • Grade of color: Extra clear, clear, medium, amber, dark
  • Caracteristic maple taste
    No odor or bad taste, with a trace of caramel, buds or sap taste

The old days
Categories Description
Extra clear


The regulations on the production of maple states that the maple syrup must have a minimum of soluble solid non fats of 66% at 20º C. To verify this percentage, the classifier uses a well-calibrated refractometer on which the scale is between 44 and 77 degrees centigrade (Brix). The refractometer is also equipped with a temperature corrector.


With the help of the conductivity meter, the inspector who watches over the application of the current regulations can rapidly recognize if the product is authentic. Or else, he will request a more extensive analysis. Contrary to sucrose, maple products contain a certain quantity of mineral elements that assure the passage of electric current between two electrodes. They define the fields covered by the syrups at being 90 for lighter syrups and 220 for darker syrups.

Maple syrup flavours

The consumer's reactions seem to confirm that the flavor is the most import criterion in the classification of the maple syrup. This is the reason why the legislator provided categories to distinguish them very well, the different flavors perceived by smell or by taste. To inhale a sample of maple syrup before tasting it is a way of better appreciating it. Seeing it is difficult to identify the exact flavor, the gustatory results are presented in a grading report.